Swat- Where Heaven meets Earth

If you are a fan of traveling, adventure and Natural Beauty then Pakistan’s northern areas’ Swat valley is a prime destination for such cravings. Pakistan is home to some of the most beautiful places on earth, particularly its northern areas. In 2018 Pakistan was nominated as the top spot for tourism by the British Backpack society and the prime reason behind was its natural scenery and beauty.

Although it would be very hard to distinguish between some of the other places of Pakistan from Swat valley when it comes to beauty, but swat takes precedence because of its accessibility, amenities and food.   Swat has been a top tourist attraction spot in Pakistan and below are the reasons that why you shouldn’t miss out any opportunity of visiting it.



Pakistan is known for two things when it comes to tourism, its food and hospitality and Swat is no exception. In swat you will find some of the most delicious Local food item that would double the excitant of your visit. Their dishes include, Chapli Kebab and Charsi Tika, also chicken, mutton, and lamb versions of karahi. Let’s not forget that you can also choose between chick and mutton Biryani, as well as Kabuli Palaw, a Shinwari karahi, Sajji, and great Chicken Roast. Although the area is relatively cold but it would come as a surprise to you that they also serve one the finest Ice creams too.


As mentioned earlier one of the reasons why swat is a hot spot for visitors is because of its accessibility. The roads are well furnished and kept maintained for the travelling seasons. There are no bars, no wrecked roads and pretty good vehicles operating on the roads to take you to your desired destination.


The valley is in the middle of nowhere regarding to populated urban areas but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t have pepper housing. The Government it self provides housing to the tourist in addition to the private sector who has invested in a number of hotels and stay inns. These stay inns are well furnished according to international standards to provide the comfort and make tourist feel at home.


In the end its time to discuss the all-important thing, the destinations, what is it that incites people to visit swat and if someone does visit it then what is it that they should pay a visit. Some of its famous places are Marghzar, Swat Museum, Islampur, and Barikot . Beside these top tourist attractions, you can go fishing, trekking, and mountaineering.


If you ever visit Pakistan then don’t forget to pay a visit to swat valley, because if you don’t then your whole visit would be tasteless.