Mysteries and Fascinating Things About Nepal

The Nepal flag


The Nepal flag is a unique one. All flags in the world have square form except this one. Their flag is a compound of two triangles. It also has two colors, crimson red representing  Nepal’s national color and brave spirit, and blue edge symbolizing peace and harmony. Hinduistic history is inwrought within. There are also two symbols for sun and moon, expressing hope Nepal will last until those exist.  It is coming from dynasty Rana and is the oldest formal one in the world.


Nepal’s people


Nepalese are the real heart of Nepal. They are very poor but exceptionally kind and unobtrusive. They are very communicative, but there is a forbidden topic: the royal family. Reason for this is a mystery of killing all royal member which government accused on the prince Dipendra. Most of Nepal’s people don’t believe in this, but it is the official story.


Yetis and Sherpas


Has anyone ever seen Yeti? According to local Sherpas and National mountain museum yes. The Sherpas are folk living on slopes of Himalaya. Today they often lead mountaineers through dangers of Himalaya showing them the way and carry equipment. It seems Yetis and Sherpas have a history together. In early time they were enemies.  Sherpas made a plan to kill Yetis. They took a lot of alcohol and pretended to drink all night long and then fell asleep. Yetis were secretly watching them, and after they saw people sleeping, they came and drank the rest of the beverage. After they get drunk and lie down people get up and kill most of them. The rest of Yetis run high in the mountains and never come down again.


Living goddess


The Katmandu (the capital city of Nepal) is home of a living goddess. It is a gorgeous, youthful girl. She will be the goddess until her first period or cut on her body. Nepal’s people have a unique way of selecting this child. It has to be from a reputable family, and it is a tremendous honor for the chosen family. They put all the girls in a dark room overnight and simulate a scary noise of animals and put their chopped heads throughout the room. They observe and then pick a child who hasn’t scream even once during that night. After this ceremony, they proclaim her a living goddess. She is not allowed to walk, and her assistants carry her around. People can see her only once a day for a few minutes on the porch of her temple. When she loses the first drop of blood, she loses the privilege of being a goddess and returns back to her parents. People believe it’s a curse to marry that girl, and she usually stays isolated for the rest of her life.


How high is Mount Everest?


In all textbooks, you can find this data. It is 8848 meters, or is it? In the year 2015, a great earthquake shook Nepal causing the highest top in the world to become two and a half centimeter shrunken. It was the most significant earthquake in the last eighty years causing the death of for 4400 people. The most of monuments were damaged or destroyed. Nepal’s people still have consequences from this unfortunate event.