Gilgit- Where Heaven meets Earth

Witnessing a natural scenery and having to climb for it has always been a traveler’s dream and Gilgit is just the reality of that dream. It is a part of the Disputed Kashmir region between Pakistan but mainly it is under Pakistan’s control and being governed by its laws.

Geographically it is into the northern areas of Pakistan which are famous for its beauty, natural scenery and tourism. The City is surrounded with Valleys, lakes and mountains and  is in the middle of nowhere regarding to populated urban areas but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t have proper housing. The Government itself provides housing to the tourist in addition to the private sector who has invested in a number of hotels and stay inns. These stay inns are well furnished according to international standards to provide the comfort and make tourist feel at home.




Gigit is the home of cultural and Arts, if it were to be called as the ambassador of Pukhtoon and Kashmiri culture then it wouldn’t be wrong to say. From Arts to Literature, from religion to Entertainment Lahore has always been an epicenter of culture. And through the history it has only let this culture evolved beyond its limits.

They say that its not the economy or the living style that makes a city great, its always the people and if you were to ask me the greatest city in the world in terms of its people then Gilgit would secure the top position in that List. Its people are so open hearted and hospitable that they would bring tears in your eyes. Many foreigners who had visited Gilgit said that they would literally buy the expensive food or Local Products from the shops and the people wouldn’t accept the payment because of the fact that they were Guests of the city. In no place on earth you would experience such hospitality.




Gilgit region is known for two things when it comes to tourism, its food and hospitality and the Gilgit city is no exception. In swat you will find some of the most delicious Local food item that would double the excitant of your visit. There dishes include, Chapli Kebab, Charsi Tika, Chicken/mutton/lamb karahi, Chicken/Mutton Biryani, Kabuli Palaw, Sajji, Shinwari karahi and Chicken Roast. Although the area is relatively cold but it would come as a surprise to you that they also serve one the finest Ice creams too.



In the end its time to discuss the all-important thing, the destinations, what is it that incites people to visit swat and if someone does visit it then what is it that they should pay a visit. Some of its famous places are Karagh Buddah, the Hanzal, Jatkamala, jutikal and Gilgit Valley, beside these top tourist attractions, you can go fishing, trekking, and mountaineering.

If you ever visit Pakistan then don’t forget to pay a visit to Gilgit valley, because if you don’t then your whole visit would be tasteless.