Croatia – a pearl in the Adriatic sea

Have you discovered this land? No? Well, some of the impressive things are great football, an invention of a tie and beautiful nature.

There is a long list what to see:

1.Zagreb – The capital city is most beautiful in spring or in December during Advent time, but you can enjoy all year long. Don’t miss the highest building in Croatia –  Zagreb’s Cathedral or colorful roof of St. Mark’s Church.

2.Plitvička lakes – This is enchanting Croatian national park. The part of UNESCO World Heritage List. Marvel the beautiful lakes, crystal clear waterfalls, and forests.

3.Zadar and islands – Zadar is a city on Adriatic sea, very rich in history. Make sure to see Sea Organ and The Greeting to the Sun. From Zadar, you can go to hopping to the islands (Ist, Iž, Molat and many others).

4.Split and islands – Little souther then Zadar there is a new jewel – Split. The Roman emperor Diocletian decided to spent his last year of life there. He made a magnificent palace which still stands in the center of Split. Adscititious from here you can go to ferry for many islands like Brač, Hvar, Vis.

5.Dubrovnik – the place where one of the best-preserved fortresses in Europe stands. Don’t forget to visit famous sign: ‘Non bene pro toto libertas venditur aur’ or walk true Stradun.

But it is indeed not all. There are some things for those of you who would like to see something unconventional. Have you recognized yourself? Let’s start then.

Wine marathon – The event first took place in the year 2005. It is in part of Croatia called Slavonija and Baranja. Thousands of people gather with one purpose – to win. No, that is not it. They came to hang out, drink wine and enjoy. There are three streets marked in different colors. On the roads, you can find a lot of wine basements. You get a map and walk around, trying different wine and authentical food. It starts in the afternoon and lasts until late at night.

Wine cycling tour – You like to cycling, but the usual rails are getting boring? Try this. In the same part of Croatia, you can come to this event. The point is to visit vineyards by bike. There is seven of them on the road, and you go to each one. When you are there, you are looking for hidden wine bottles. The ones you found you can keep.

Paklenica – On the mountain Velebit there is another national park Paklenica. It is a place where excursionists, climbers, and mountaineers come. Nature is beautiful, and mountains, trees, and water surrounds you. Every year around 1st of May there is an International climbers meeting. You can watch them climb or enjoy yourself around.

Krka National Park – This is one more hidden paradise in Croatia. One of the famous waterfalls in Croatia, Skradinski Buk is here. You can also visit education trails,  island Visovac, and bask in ethnic heritage.